03/05/18 | Total knee arthroplasty (27447) removed from Inpatient only list – causing confusion

You may have been experiencing feedback from a facility when trying to schedule your total knee replacements as inpatients. 

Total knee arthroplasty (27447) removed from Inpatient only list – causing confusion
07/10/17 | New Category III codes effective Jan 1st, 2018

You will want to update your bone marrow aspiration coding for 2018 as well as some adipose-derived cell therapy for hands

New Category III codes effective Jan 1st, 2018
07/10/17 | Spinal surgery

If you do any spinal surgery you want to be aware of the Medicare changes that are taking place regarding number of levels, number of cages as well as diagnosis issues.

Spinal surgery
06/10/16 | CMS starting to list ICD-10s not covered
  Unspecified ICD-10 codes be careful
CMS starting to list ICD-10s not covered
07/09/15 | Total joint issues from CMS
  Total joint issues from CMS
Total joint issues from CMS
12/31/14 | Holding claims and fee schedule issues for 2015
  Medicare wants claims held starting Jan 1, 2015
Holding claims and fee schedule issues for 2015
08/20/14 | Medicare finally catching on that modifier 59 is not enough
Medicare finally catching on that modifier 59 is not enough
07/22/14 | Keep an eye on your private payer contracts..
Keep an eye on your private payer contracts..
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Okay this page has nothing to do with coding but is more of a bragging page -

Check out this YouTube about my son http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5T6tW0J5mU&feature=youtu.be

My daughter Melissa is now selling her jewlery on http://www.etsy.com/people/MELLOLLEY - many of you have commented on the necklaces and earrings that I have worn, now you can get your own!!!

Dec 7th 2011 Best day ever as my first grandbaby - grandson Jaxon Otho was born... I am loving being a Gammies and need to make more trips to vegas


July 23, 2011 - Mallorie was a beautiful bride and so happy.  As a mother it is a wonderful feeling to see your children happy in life and loving their spouse. As Mallorie said she married her best friend.. what more could a mom ask for?

June 24th 2010 ---- Best Day - My daughter Mallorie Ann announced her engagement to Alex Krieger -- We are so excited and pleased and can't wait for more details.. Life is GOOOOOODDD!!!!

Son Jeremiah info:

Sept 11, 2008

Well the wedding was great and wonderful.  If you want to see pictures you can go to CLients, login - wedding and password - margie and you will find several word documents that I have cut and pasted some wedding pictures. Hard to believe they get that old.. It just seems like yesterday they were  8, 6 and 4 and now they are 28, 26 and 24.  I know many of you are wondering how can she have a 28 year old when she is only 38... it is the new math, trust me...

Also more wedding news our daughter Melissa has finally set a date - 09/09/09 - we are excited as we already have the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, colors, and many other items already selected just waiting for the date to come.  So this will be fun and will be before the Advanced Ortho Symposium for 2009.

Also I hope you are all not forgetting when in Las Vegas to go and see my son Jeremiah - he has a new group and here is the URL to their site: www.myspace.com/jvallstarslv The J.V. Allstars, (named after founder Jeremiah Vaught) skillfully weave smooth reggae sounds and So-Cal island pop with 70's singer/songwriter simplicity. Featured at Mickie Finnz Every Sun, Mon, & Thurs!!! 9 PM

May 29th 2007

Son Jeremiah:

You all know my son Jeremiah that performs in Vegas well he proposed to his girlfriend on May 4th after singing 'their song' Journey Faithfully and it looks like a July 2008 wedding is being planned.

Daugther Melissa is also engaged (Nov2006) and they plan a 2008 wedding so next year will be wedding central

I want to thank all who have been praying for me and my family and keeping me in their thoughts over these last 3 weeks while I have been going through different testing and ultimately surgery on the 25th of May.  The preliminary results have come back supporting benign so I am so grateful.

Jan 2007

Daughter Melissa:

Bragging on my daughter Melissa who just graduated from HPU in marine biology - enviromental science she did an internship at the Bishop museum and they gave her credit for one of the projects..


Fish Remains was created to help assist the general public, archaeologists, and marine biologists identify Hawaiian fishes based on bones, scales and otoliths recovered from the digestive tract of predators (such as fishes, birds and marine mammals) or from archaeological excavations. There are 1250 fishes known from Hawaiian waters. This key concentrates on those fished known from the diet of the Hawaiian monk seal, and is constantly being expanded.

Fish Remains was created by Ken Longenecker of the Hawaii Biological Survey, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai‘i. It is based on earlier models released in 2004 and 2005. Most of the supporting documentation is from the latter (HBS Contribution No. 2005-009).

Funding was provided by the Marine Mammal Commission and Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center’s Protected Species Division (NOAA/NMFS).

Images were created by Ken Longenecker unless otherwise noted. Arnold Suzumoto, Carla Kishinami and Holly Bolick directed the organization and management of the physical specimen collection. Daniel Miyamoto, Kristine Nakamoto, Alexia Pihier, Carmen Surface, Kealii Vasquez, Melissa Vaught, and Maya Walton of Bishop Museum’s internship program assisted in the building, organization, databasing and photography of the specimens. This internship program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The program is an initiative under the Office of Innovation and Improvement of the U.S. Department of Education. Education through Cultural & Historical Organizations, also known as ECHO, provides educational enrichment to Native and non-Native children and lifelong learners.

Son Jeremiah:

Here is the URL to my son's website and the band that he is in - so if you are in the Vegas area please check him out and you will get a prize if you go up and say Hey your Mom sent me - then next time you see me live let me know and I will have a prize for you.


Okay I know there are lots of credentials next to my name but the one that means the most is MOM.  My son performs in Vegas and I keep telling everyone that they have to go see him perform.  Here is a link to one of their live shows.. so take a peek..  He is the singer and on the right hand of the screen singing - dirty diana