07/10/17 | New Category III codes effective Jan 1st, 2018

You will want to update your bone marrow aspiration coding for 2018 as well as some adipose-derived cell therapy for hands

New Category III codes effective Jan 1st, 2018
07/10/17 | Spinal surgery

If you do any spinal surgery you want to be aware of the Medicare changes that are taking place regarding number of levels, number of cages as well as diagnosis issues.

Spinal surgery
06/10/16 | CMS starting to list ICD-10s not covered
  Unspecified ICD-10 codes be careful
CMS starting to list ICD-10s not covered
07/09/15 | Total joint issues from CMS
  Total joint issues from CMS
Total joint issues from CMS
12/31/14 | Holding claims and fee schedule issues for 2015
  Medicare wants claims held starting Jan 1, 2015
Holding claims and fee schedule issues for 2015
08/20/14 | Medicare finally catching on that modifier 59 is not enough
Medicare finally catching on that modifier 59 is not enough
07/22/14 | Keep an eye on your private payer contracts..
Keep an eye on your private payer contracts..
07/22/14 | Proposed 2015 Fee Schedule is out
Proposed 2015 Fee Schedule is out
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With over 22 years experience in the Healthcare arena, in positions from nurse’s aide to ward clerk and medical transcriptionist to office manager, Margie understands how offices are structured.  She obtained Certified Professional Coder (CPC) designation in 1995 from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), where she served as a National Board Member for over 3 years.  Currently she is performing work for the AAPC as a technical advisor and support person, in the Education Department. Also in 1995 she obtained the status of Professional Credit Executive (PCE), which deals with extending credit issues, bankruptcy and collection efforts under the current legal system.  She further obtained the designation of CCS-P (Certified Coding Specialist – Physician) in September 2000 from American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Having also obtained the credential of Medical Compliance Specialist-Physician (MCS-P) in Jan. 2001, thus giving a more detailed background of compliance issues as outlined by the OIG. She has also obtained the designation of Advanced Coding Specialist – Orthopedic (ACS-OR) in 2003 along with Certified Professional Coder – Hospital Based (CPC-H) in August 2004. She is a recognized AAPC Approved PMCC Instructor. 


Currently she serves as the technical advisor for the Orthopedic Practice Coder, for Decision Health.  Contributes articles to AAOS Bulletin on an ongoing basis as well as other publications such as AAPC Coding Edge, Orthopedic Technology Review and CodeCorrect Website. Adding to this she also performs internal audits, education and training of physicians and office staff, and helps clinics establish billing and coding compliance manuals, as an Independent Consultant. 


Margie has presented at the Annual AAPC conventions since 1996 in regards to coding compliance, E/M documentation and evaluation, and orthopedic coding.  Presented Insurance workshops for the public to help them understand their policies and what to look for.  Other presentations have been for Decision Health - Conquering Orthopedic Coding, The Coding Institute, AAPC regarding surgical coding and compliance, Advanced CPT coding and documentation and Advanced Chart Auditing as well as Compliance issues.  She also presents to physician offices/groups regarding documentation and coding requirements.  Current member of MGMA/ACMPE, BONES, AAPC, Society for Clinical Coding (SCC), PACHOM and AHIMA.  Margie stays current by attending the annual conventions for BONES,  AAPC,  MGMA and also the AMAs CPT symposium. She has also provided testimony regarding correct coding issues and compliance.