09/28/21 | CMS gives more insight into appropriate DOS for imaging

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has guidance for reporting the date of service (DOS) for various services. Information provided for global reporting, technical reporting and professional reporting


CMS gives more insight into appropriate DOS for imaging
07/01/21 | New CPT code for Subchondroplasty

Effective July 1st 2021 - the AMA released a new code for Subchondroplasties - are you ready for it

New CPT code for Subchondroplasty
03/17/20 | Telehealth regulations loosened

With the Coronavirus issues CMS has loosened the regulations and HIPAA issues that have caused concerns about when telehealth can be used. Check out the new release

Telehealth regulations loosened
01/29/20 | New Drug Delivery Codes 20700-20705

Stop using 11981-11983 as of Jan 1st 2020- Use the new drug delivery codes 20700-20705 --

New Drug Delivery Codes 20700-20705
04/04/19 | Watch your "stem cell" wording - On going FBI investigations

For those offices that are using the wording 'stem cells' or charging patients for these services you need to be aware of the FBI ongoing investigations.

Watch your
02/28/19 | Great article on the issues with 63047 and 22633 and 22630

Find out about the issues between 22633/22630 and 63047 and get the history of these codes.  Great information you can use for your private payer appeals.

Great article on the issues with 63047 and 22633 and 22630
01/02/19 | Accessing Newsletters

How to get newsletters

Accessing Newsletters
01/02/19 | Calendar events

Calendar events

Calendar events
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"What a wonderful conference you put together this year (2014).  This was my first conference and I am so pleased I was able to go and meet you and sit with you, you are an amazing educator!  Thank you so much for your wealth of information." Jerome from New York

"What a wonderful conference you put together this year (2014).  This was my first conference and I am so pleased I was able to go and meet you and sit with you, you are an amazing educator!  Thank you so much for your wealth of information." Yvette from South Carolina

"You are by far the best speaker and resource I have come across in my 30 years in the healthcare business.  I look forward to your newsletters and seeing you again at next year’s seminar." Lynn from Florida

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I would recommend this book to everyone on the forum. I've been in this line of work longer that I care to admit and I'm still learning. Thanks to you the learning is less difficult. I can't thank you enough. Patti"

As I’ve said before many times, you are the professional we all strive to be for any and all information regarding correct procedural coding. I have learned so much from you and you make us all aware of how important is to stay on top of the game because of the ever changing industry we work in." amcalevy

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"Some of our staff brought their hand-outs back and I have enjoyed reviewing the material. I have heard you speak several times myself and I could imagine you presenting the material with your sense of humor, adding emphasis at all the right moments as I read the hand-out. You truly know what we deal with when we try to convince the doctors they need to do something different. " Natalie

"Thanks so much for your time and consideration.  I just want you to know you are my hero in the coding world.  Ive been in orthopaedics for 12 years and worked exclusively in spine coding for 5 of those years.  This is my first stint with a trauma guy, though.  It just amazes me all the knowledge youve obtained in this area.  I love to read your articles and your posts on Part B and Ortho List  and, I thoroughly enjoyed your teleconference and was glad you didnt have to do it on the side of the road from your cell phone J  Take care.  Vicki, CPC

"Margie, Just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I enjoyed the conference with you did in Las Vegas earlier this month.  You are just a fountain information.  You have no idea how refreshing it is to attend a seminar and come home feeling that it was worth the money spent.   My orthopedic office will now be subscribing to the Orthopedic Coder's Pink Sheet just to hear what you have to say.  Hopefully, you won't mind if I email you for some orthopedic coding advice in the future.  Once again -- you were just "great"! -- Debi from NY

"Girl, you really are great at what you do.  My associates and I (7 total) enjoyed your seminar tremendously (despite the fact that it was on the first Sunday of the year).  You are so much fun to listen to present and you really give out great infomation (which could be very dry) while keeping your audience captive.  You are a gifted speaker. It is always a pleasure seeing you, - Maria from HI"

"I admire your knowledge so much and appreciate what you do.  My co-worker and me have been to another one of your workshops in the past and have enjoyed you so much.  Your very witty and you make the class fun to attend.  You are amazing...to have that knowledge. I admire you for what you do and would like to know how in the world you do it.  How do you do it anyway? You must have a photographic memory to remember all the things you do. Thank you again  - Jana"

"Your website is GREAT!!!!!   You have a vast knowledge of coding and compliance and I appreciate you sharing this with me.  I have learned so much from you already and look forward to each day learning more!!!!" mj


"It was great to put a face to a name...from now on, I  will picture your fun loving spirit with the replies....It came across that you LOVE what you do....so much passion in coding.    You were a hoot!.  I learned so much from you in such a short time. The time flew by!!  You are a great presenter with a wonderful personality.  I hope to be like you one day......capturing the audience and making them want more!!! "  - Carmen

 "I attended your AWESOME seminar on Friday, 9/15 at Mercy Hall.  I admire your knowledge and practical teaching in lay terms.  It probably was one of the best seminars that I have been to!"  - Ann

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