04/04/19 | Watch your "stem cell" wording - On going FBI investigations

For those offices that are using the wording 'stem cells' or charging patients for these services you need to be aware of the FBI ongoing investigations.

Watch your
02/28/19 | Great article on the issues with 63047 and 22633 and 22630

Find out about the issues between 22633/22630 and 63047 and get the history of these codes.  Great information you can use for your private payer appeals.

Great article on the issues with 63047 and 22633 and 22630
01/02/19 | Accessing Newsletters

How to get newsletters

Accessing Newsletters
01/02/19 | Calendar events

Calendar events

Calendar events
09/26/18 | Scam audio flyer Fionexia - please don't sign up

It has come to my attention that there is a flyer (from Fionexia) that is going out from a company that is fraudualent and stating I am doing an audio for them.  Please do not sign up it is a scam.  The audio they are advertising was done for AudioEducator.com. It appears if you pay for it you may not get anything for your pay!!!

Scam audio flyer Fionexia - please don't sign up
08/11/18 | Margie Vaught Newsletters

Now you can access and download the newsletters directly from this site. 

Margie Vaught Newsletters
07/20/18 | 2019 Proposed Fee schedule released

Proposed 2019 Fee Schedule is out – hang on to your seats…

CMS released the 12th of July the proposed changed for the physician fee schedule for 2019 (https://www.cms.gov/Newsroom/MediaReleaseDatabase/Press-releases/2018-Press-releases-items/2018-07-12.html).

2019 Proposed Fee schedule released
07/20/18 | CPT updates policy of 63047 with 22633

CPT updates their policy regarding nerve root decompressions and interbody fusions

AANS, NASS and AAOS have been working hard on getting CPT to change their previous October 2016 CPT Assistant regarding nerve root decompression 63047 and interbody fusion 22633 being inclusive

CPT updates policy of 63047 with 22633
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Here is the flyer information that appears to be a scam:

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