09/28/21 | CMS gives more insight into appropriate DOS for imaging

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has guidance for reporting the date of service (DOS) for various services. Information provided for global reporting, technical reporting and professional reporting


CMS gives more insight into appropriate DOS for imaging
07/01/21 | New CPT code for Subchondroplasty

Effective July 1st 2021 - the AMA released a new code for Subchondroplasties - are you ready for it

New CPT code for Subchondroplasty
03/17/20 | Telehealth regulations loosened

With the Coronavirus issues CMS has loosened the regulations and HIPAA issues that have caused concerns about when telehealth can be used. Check out the new release

Telehealth regulations loosened
01/29/20 | New Drug Delivery Codes 20700-20705

Stop using 11981-11983 as of Jan 1st 2020- Use the new drug delivery codes 20700-20705 --

New Drug Delivery Codes 20700-20705
04/04/19 | Watch your "stem cell" wording - On going FBI investigations

For those offices that are using the wording 'stem cells' or charging patients for these services you need to be aware of the FBI ongoing investigations.

Watch your
02/28/19 | Great article on the issues with 63047 and 22633 and 22630

Find out about the issues between 22633/22630 and 63047 and get the history of these codes.  Great information you can use for your private payer appeals.

Great article on the issues with 63047 and 22633 and 22630
01/02/19 | Accessing Newsletters

How to get newsletters

Accessing Newsletters
01/02/19 | Calendar events

Calendar events

Calendar events
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Better start checking with your local medicare carrier to see if  they following what Florida is doing:

New LCD in Florida Requires Greater Documentation for Major Joint Replacement

First Coast Service Options will implement a new Local Coverage Determination for Major Joint Replacement on October 16, 2011. The LCD will require physicians to enhance documentation of conservative treatment and indications to support the medical necessity of total hip and total joint replacements in the hospital record in addition to the office based patient record.

The basis of this LCD is the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) audits that have called into question the medical necessity of some of these procedures when auditing in-patient hospital records. Due to a lack of documentation of conservative therapy and indications for surgery in some instances the audits have resulted in requests for the hospital and physicians to return compensation for those procedures.

The LCD will require physicians to enhance the documentation they provide in the hospital records. FOS members need to adhere to this LCD to protect their reimbursements.

The FOS worked directly with the AAOS, the Hip and Knee Societies, AAHKS, and First Coast Service Options to make significant changes to the initial proposal. We are pleased that FCSO did make many of the changes that we requested. We do need to hear from you if you discover any issues with the LCD once implemented.

A copy of the Final LCD in effect October 16th is Download Major Joint Replacement LCD Final Version FCSO Full Version.

Also Trailblazers has also weighed in http://www.trailblazerhealth.com/Tools/Notices.aspx?DomainID=1&ID=14756