07/10/17 | New Category III codes effective Jan 1st, 2018

You will want to update your bone marrow aspiration coding for 2018 as well as some adipose-derived cell therapy for hands

New Category III codes effective Jan 1st, 2018
07/10/17 | Spinal surgery

If you do any spinal surgery you want to be aware of the Medicare changes that are taking place regarding number of levels, number of cages as well as diagnosis issues.

Spinal surgery
06/10/16 | CMS starting to list ICD-10s not covered
  Unspecified ICD-10 codes be careful
CMS starting to list ICD-10s not covered
07/09/15 | Total joint issues from CMS
  Total joint issues from CMS
Total joint issues from CMS
12/31/14 | Holding claims and fee schedule issues for 2015
  Medicare wants claims held starting Jan 1, 2015
Holding claims and fee schedule issues for 2015
08/20/14 | Medicare finally catching on that modifier 59 is not enough
Medicare finally catching on that modifier 59 is not enough
07/22/14 | Keep an eye on your private payer contracts..
Keep an eye on your private payer contracts..
07/22/14 | Proposed 2015 Fee Schedule is out
Proposed 2015 Fee Schedule is out
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